Souvenir of Hida Takayama is recommended sweets Utsuboya

Introducing a seasonal limited item perfect for early summer season

Introduction of Utsuboya's popular sweets

Peanut dagashi candy ”Mameita”(Peanut Board)

"Mameita" is the most popular sweets sold in our shop.


"豆{mame}" means "beans" or "peanuts",and "板{ita}" means "boad"  or "plate" in English.

Mameita is dagashi candy which roasted peanuts were added to starch syrup and solidified.


"Mameita" means the candy sweets made of beans in the shape of a plate.


This sweet looks solid, but it is easy to eat because it is brittle.

utsuboya takayama hidatakayama souvenior mameita

Black sesame candy "Kurogoma-Kokusen"

Kokusen is a dagashi candy that has been eaten since long ago at Hida Takayama.


Kokusenshi is a traditional sweets of Hida Takayama, which roasted black sesame and then solidified by adding starch syrup and kinako.


Kinako is a powdered roasted soybean.


"こく{koku}" means grain, "せん{sen}" means "roast" in English.

Utsuboya Kurogoma-Kokusen
Utsuboya Kurogoma-Kokusen

"Genkotsukinako" using plenty of soy flour

"Genkotsukinako" is made by kneading soy flour and starch syrup, soft of friendly sweet taste, it is the candy of soybean flour.


"げんこつ{Genkotsu}" means "clenched fist","きなこ{kinako}" means "soy flour" in English.

Black bean tea "Kuromame-cha "

"Kuromame-cha" is Black bean tea.

Kuromame-cha is, by its own roasting technology, is what was purified easy to drink as tea daily.

This tea has a mellow gentle flavor, aroma is good, and it is a palatable tea.

Since Kuromame-cha has become a tea bag, please be boiled in the pot.

 This tea is caffeiness.

This tea can be deliciously drunk with hot or iced tea.

Black bean has been cherished as a health food in Japan and China since long ago.


We use black soybean imported from the United States with one bag 20 type with tea bags.

1 bag 14 type with tea bag uses black soybean brought up in Hokkaido.



Tree fruit of tochi  cracker "Tochi no mi Senbei"

"Tochi no mi-Senbei" is wheat rice cracker mixed with the fruits of the tochi.

This rice cracker is characterized by a savory flavor and slightly stiff chewy.

"Tochi no mi-Senbei is called "raice crackers", but it can be said to be a Japanese style biscuit as it is rice cracker made from wheat.

<What is "Tochi">

"Tochi no mi" is the seeds which becomes a tochi tree.

The seed contains a lot of starch and protein and can be eaten as "Tochi nuts"


Because there is astringency in the seeds of the tochi, many processes and skills are necessary to be able to eat.

In the mountainous areas in the Chubu district where there are a lot of snow and it is difficult to grow rice like Hida Takayama, collection and preservation of the seeds of the tochi is actively taken place.


hidatakayama takayama utsuboya senbei Tochinomisenbei souvenior
Utsuboya Tochi no Mi-Senbei

Cracker kneaded miso "Hoba miso-Senbei"

"Hoba miso-Senbei" is crackers of wheat that has incorporated the local "Onoya zyozo" rural miso.

This cracker has a rich miso scent and richness, so it seems to be the famous Takayama specialty"Hoba-Miso".

"Hoba" means Japanese white-bark magnolia's leaves.


<What is "Hoba Miso">

"Miso" is fermented soybean paste.


"Hoba Miso" is the name of local cuisine of Hida Takayama.

Place homemade miso, green onion, shiitake mushrooms etc. on the Hoba and bake,and put baked miso etc on rice and eat it.

Utsuboya Hobamisosenbei
Utsuboya Hobamisosenbei

The traditional Dagashi candy of Hidatakayma "Mishima mame"

The traditional sweets of Hidatakayama "Mishima Mame" is a simple sweet that coated soybeans with sugar.

Utsuboya Mishimamame
Utsuboya Mishimamame

Utsuboya's sweets lineup

Reason for sweets Utsuboya is loved for long time



Hidatakayama confectionary Utsuboya's sweets are made in the process that has been reported since 1890.


We value craftsmanship by old-fashioned craftsmen.

Because the simple materials are only simple materials such as sesame and kinako,the techniques by hands of craftsmen are utilized.



Hida's sweets are sweets made with sesame, kinako, etc. that were eaten among the common people in the Hida region for a long time.




 It is  simple sweets that will make you feel nostalgic when you eat a single mouth.

Such a sweets, in the Utsuboya have been handmade by the traditional craftsmen.



By all means the sweets of Utsuboya that take advantage of the flavor of the material, please relish.