Souvenir of Hida Takayama is recommended Utsuboya dagashi candy.

Utsuboya Miyagawa Asaichi store



23 Shimosannomachi

Takayama-shi, Gifu-ken 506-0841

Business Hours Weekday: From 7:30 in the morning to 12:00 in the morning


Saturday and Sunday: from 7:30 in the morning until 3 pm

(There are fluctuations depending on the season )


You will walk Yasugawa street towards Takayama Betsuin.

Cross the Kaji-Bashi Bridge over the Miyagawa (long legs tatue. long length statue) and immediately turn left.

After about 200 meters you will find our store on your right.

Hida Takayama souvenir is determined by the sweets of Utsuboya!

"What is Hida Takayama souvenir?"

In such a case, how about Utsuboya's dagashi candy in Hidatakayama confectionary?


Utsuboya is a long-established sweets shop founded in 1890.


Utsuboya's sweets that have been loved for a long time since long ago have confidence in the process and materials.


Please visit ”Miyagawa Asaichi store” directly operated store of Utsuboya, a famous sweet representative representing Hidatakayama

Please enjoy the delicious Utsuboya  sweets, making use of the flavor of sesame and kinako(soy flour) ingredients.

At Utsuboya's Miyagawa Asaichi  store, all of Utsuboya's sweets are gathered

"Utsuboya Miyagawa Asaichi store" is a direct sales store of Utsuboya.


The taste drifting store of Hida wood, sweets Utsuboya because stocks of all types,Sweets of your choice would sure to find.

All kinds of sweets can be tasted

In "Utsuboya Miyagawa Asaichi store" you can sample all the sweets of Utsuboya store.

You can topping free Utsuboya's sweets in soft cream

 You can enjoy delicious soft ice cream at "Utsuboya Miyagawa Asaichi store".


It is rich original soft cream with plenty of "Takayama milk".



You can topple "Kurogoma-Kokusen" or "Hoba-senbei" free of charge to soft cream.

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